Kortskrivare Fargo DTC4250e Plastic Card Printer (Dual-Sided)


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Beställningsvara: Leverans 2-4 dagar

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Kompatibla Ribbons - Programvara
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Färgband Fargo 45102 Standard Black Ribbon (1000 Prints)

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Färgband Fargo 45110 YMCKOK Colour Ribbon (200 Prints)

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781,25 kr 1055,00 kr ink. moms

The Fargo DTC4250e ID card printer can print a variety of card types such as employee ID, access control, and membership cards quickly and easily, without compromising on quality.

With this, comes how adaptable the printer and encoder is, within minutes the base model can be upgraded to dual-sided and even integrate an encoding module such as MIFARE or magnetic stripe.

If you’re a small-to-medium size business, school, charity or just looking for a reliable än.high-quality printing solution, then the DTC4250e is a fantastic choice.

  • Efficient set-up, loading and printing with all-in-one print ribbons
  • Prints to standard CR80 cards and technology cards such as MIFARE®
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty

Inkl.ded with this printer is a free version of EasyBadge Lite card design software.

The software is limited to 100 records and is not MacOS compatible. 

If you require Mac-compatible design software, we recommend using cardPresso.

Vikt 8000 g
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